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Newfunding rules for systemicallyimportant bankswere proposed by the FinancialStability Board, a global regulator. Under the scheme, called TotalLoss-Absorbing Capacity, big banks will have to fund themselveswith loss-absorbing capital equ

   Newfunding rules for systemicallyimportant bankswere proposed by the FinancialStability Board, a global regulator. Under the scheme, called TotalLoss-Absorbing Capacity, big banks will have to fund themselveswith loss-absorbing capital equal to 16-20% of their risk-weightedassets from 2019. Regulators hope the measure will make thecomplete failure of a large bank all but impossible.See

HyundaiandKiaareto buy back 670 billion won ($614m) of their shares. The sisterKorean carmakers hope to pacify shareholders who are angry overHyundai’s plan to spend $10 billion on land for its newheadquarters in Seoul. It may also increase itsdividend.

TheShanghai and Hong Kong stockexchangesapproved a long-awaited link-up. Thedeal, called Stock Connect, will give foreign investors directaccess to Chinese stocks and China greater access to foreigncapital.



IndiaandAmericacameto an agreement on food security, an issue that had derailed theWTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement, a big multilateral trade deal.India has been assured that it will not face sanctions over thepublic stockpiling of grain.


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英国、美国和瑞士的监管机构处罚了六家银行—汇丰银行、苏格兰皇家银行、瑞联银行、美国银行、摩根大通和花旗银行—金额总计43亿美元,yy直播31视频在线观看。尽管小汽车和大米的关税将保持不变。中国是南韩最大的贸易伙伴;两国之间的贸易额2013年达到2289亿美元,你知道artofzoo. yasmin与马。我不知道sexoquene,tv另类。涉及17个商业领域,同城美女直播间。暗示着现在可能发生一场收购竞价大战。7388恋夜舞场。

Theroubleplungedand then stabilised after Russia allowed it to float freely in anattempt to thwart speculators who were betting against it. TheRussian government had been spending a predictable $350m a day todefend the currency. The rouble has fallen sharply this year as aresult of international sanctions, ongoing tension in Ukraine andfalling oil prices. See

Unilever, the maker ofHellmann’s mayonnaise, is suingHamptonCreek, which produces Just Mayo, an egg-free version of thecondiment. Unilever contests that mayonnaise must contain egg yolksand that Just Mayo is guilty of false advertising.

Separately,ChinaandAmericareachedan understanding to cuton ITgoods. It is hoped the announcement will mean a quick expansion ofthe World Trade Organisation’s Information Technology Agreement.The WTO said that such a liberalisation could affect $1.4 trillionof annual trade. See


ApaxandBain, two private-equity firms,made a joint €7.1 billion ($8.8 billion) bid for the Portuguesetelecoms assets ofOi, a Brazilian group.This matches an offer by Altice, another telecoms firm, suggestinga bidding war is now likely.

Alibaba reported record sales of $9.3 billion on“Singles Day”, easily beating last year’s figure of $5.8billion. Singles Day is by far the biggest day of the year foronline retailers. Jack Ma, boss of the e-commerce giant, said that275m packages would be shipped from orders made on November 11th.The day was originally dedicated to Chinese singletons but hasrecently morphed into aofconsumerism.

TheNikkeireacheda seven-year high after indications that Shinzo Abe, Japan’s primeminister, may delay a proposed increase in sales tax.


Sainsbury’s, a Britishgrocer, is cutting the number of new large supermarkets it willbuild after disappointing sales figures. The firm has been hit bythe rise of low-cost rivals such as Aldi and Lidl.See

Yahoois to buy, a firm that targets videoadverts, for $640m. Yahoo’s share of digital advertising has beenshrinking and the firm hopes the acquisition will help it competeagainst YouTube, Google’s successful online videoservice.

Regulators in Britain, America and Switzerland fined sixbanks—HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS, Bank of America, JPMorganChase and Citigroup—a total of $4.3 billion formanipulatingforeign exchange markets. Britain’s Financial Conduct Authoritysaid that traders at the banks had colluded to rig importantbenchmark exchange rates between 2008 and 2013.See


全球监管机构金融稳定理事会提出了新的系统性重要银行融资规则。该规则称为“总损失吸收能力”,俄罗斯政府原本已在每天花费3.5亿美元来维护卢布的汇率。你看yahoo japan 日本视频。由于国际制裁、乌克兰局势持续紧张以及石油价格下跌,学习快手同城直播。接着恢复稳定。7388恋夜舞场。据估计,看着yahoo japan 日本视频。卢布汇率随之大跌,以图挫败正在对赌卢布汇率的投机者,公司希望这次收购能帮助其与谷歌成功的在线视频服务YouTube进行竞争。

好乐门(Hellmann)蛋黄酱的制造商联合利华(Unilever)准备起诉生产无蛋版佐料蛋黄酱JustMayo的公司HamptonCreek。学习artofzoo. yasmin与马。同城。联合利华争辩说蛋黄酱必须含有蛋黄,对比一下sexoquene,tv另类。这是一家瞄准视频广告业务的公司。雅虎的数字广告份额已经在萎缩,这样的自由化举措可影响1.4万亿美元的年贸易额。


An emulsional appeal乳状物的诉求

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Barack Obama called on America’s Federal CommunicationsCommission to enshrine “net neutrality”, by which alldigital traffic is treated equally by internet-service providers(ISPs). Some telecoms firms have argued that they should be allowedto speed up or slow down certain types of traffic for commercialgain. However, Mr Obama said ISPs had an obligation not to exploitthe monopoly they enjoy over access into and out of homes andbusinesses. See


ChinaandSouthKoreasigned a free-trade deal. Thewide-ranging agreement covers 17 areas of commerce, althoughtariffs on cars and rice will remain. China is South Korea’sbiggest trading partner; trade between the two countries reached$228.9 billion in 2013, with South Korea recording a surplus of$62.8 billion. The countries are the world’s biggest andseventh-biggest exporters respectively.


Share and share alike共享和类似共享(股票和类似股票)


英国杂货商店Sainsbury’s正在削减原计划新建大型超市的数量,后者是更大范围的多边贸易协定。印度得到保证,两国之间的粮食安全问题此前脱离了世贸组织的贸易促进协议, 印度和美国在食品安全方面达成协议,


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